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Council Minutes, 1971-02-25 - 1971-09-30

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A bound volume titled 'Council Minutes 1971' contains minutes of Meetings of the Council. Dates of the meetings wew on 25th February with discussions on insufficient staff quarters until June 1972 when the new block of 48 flats at Nazareth would be completed, a 'Report of Delegated and Non-controversial Business for the meeting on 25th February 1971' including Honours, Election of Dean, Personalia, Appointments, Grants, Resignation and Obituary etc., documents relating to 'Election of Undergraduate Senate Members' including 'Powers and Duties of Appointments Board', curriculum vitae of proposed Members, a report from 'Appointment Service 1969 - 1970', a 'Report on Career Week' from Appointment Service, amendments made to the requirements for the attendance of officers at Council Committees, 'Student Fees', 'Powers and Duties' of the Technical Support Establishment Committee, a circular 'University Financial Structure and Procedures' including Financial Procedures, Budgetary Control Regulations, and 'Departmental General Expenses Analysis Code', correspondence re 'High Building Research Programme', documents re 'Regulations Governing the Conduct of Elections', a 'Proposal to Request Government Assistance for Holding the Inter-University Council Conference of Vice-Chancellors and Principals in Hong Kong in April 1972', a 'Report of the Superannuation Committee December 1970', a 'Vice-Chancellor's Leave Arrangement', discussion on 'a Story in the Star Newspaper issues of February 3rd alleging Sex and Drugs at HKU' and correspondence with the Editor and lawyer; on 25th March with a discussion on approval on a recommendation from the Accommodation Committee that the staff flats at Nazareth be named High West, a 'Report of Delegated and Non-controversial Business for the Meeting on 25th March 1971' discussing 'Equal Pay for Women' reporting 'the Universities Joint Salaries Committee has approved the proposal that equal pay for the following grades be implemented including Senior Technician, Technician, Technician in training, Laboratory Superintendent and Laboratory Assistant', a note re change of higher degree structure concerning new degree of Master of Philosophy, a 'Present Regulations governing fees for students reading for higher education', a 'Second Quadrennial Forecast' from Development and General Purposes Committee, documents relating to 'Salary Increase and Housing of Local Staff' including a 'Brief History of Salary Negotiations' and 'Minutes of Ad Hoc Meeting of Social Sciences Faculty Teachers held in the Senate Room on Tuesday March 23rd 1971'; on 29th April with a 'Report of Delegated and Non-controversial Business for the Meeting on 29th April 1971' including Personalia and Resignation, documents relating to 'Office of the Bursar' including 'Pre-Commitment of Departmental Budgets' and 'Classification of University Units', documents relating to outside practice, a note on 'Warden of the Medical Students Centre', a 'Hearing of Appeals from the Disciplinary Committee' re Statutes XXX and XXXI, a 'Regulations Governing the Hearing of Appeals from the Disciplinary Committee under Statute XXXI.7', an 'Approved Hospitals and Posts for Pre-Registration Employment' from Faculty of Medicine, documents relating to 'Grants made by the Nuffield Foundation' in support of a research programme on sex determination and sex differentiation in vertebrates, documents relating to 'Responsibilities Allowance', 'Report of the Committee appointed to hear submission from Teachers', 'Special Housing Allowance Applicable to Medically-qualified Clinical Lecturers', 'Revised Housing Allowance for Local Staff (Government)', 'Proposed Housing Loan Fund', 'Regulations Governing the University Housing Loan Fund', 'Appointment on Expatriate Term of Services', 'Minutes of ad hoc meeting of Social Science Faculty Teachers from 23rd March', 'Memorandum from a committee of teachers to the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in support of a letter addressed by the Chairman of Academic Staff Association', 'Approximate Position of Staff Housing' and other correspondence re staff salaries; on 27th May with discussion on approval on a recommendation on Architects Messers Leigh and Orange be employed as consultants for the new University Health Clinic, a resolution on 'fees for all halls maintained by the University should be the same, the present differentiation between men's and women's residential fees should be discontinued', a report 'University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong - Universities Joint Salaries Committee on Salaries of Demonstrators at HKU' dated 28th April 1971, a report 'Staffing in Clinical Departments of the Faculty of Medicine', a 'Regulations for Accommodation for Medically Qualified Lecturers on Local Terms of Services in Certain Clinical Departments', documents relating to 'Board of Selection' including 'Powers and Duties of the Board of Selection (Teachers etc.)', 'Procedure for the Selection and Appointment of Teachers', 'Appointment of Temporary Teaching or Non-teaching Staff held against vacant posts', 'Appointment of Staff on Secondment from other Institutions or otherwise for a fixed term', 'Procedure for the promotion of staff from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer, Professor and equivalent Senior Administrative and Library Grades', a 'Capital Building Programme 1972-73' from Development and General Purposes Committee, a report 'Halls Finance' from the Dean of Students re a preliminary survey of the financing of residential halls maintained by the University, a 'Draft Residential Hall Budgets 1971-72' including Lady Ho Tung Hall, Old Halls and University Hall, a copy of 'Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of the Sub-Committee of Wardens on 8th May 1972', a 'Proposed Alteration of Hall Fees of University Administered Halls', a 'Statement by the Hong Kong University Students' Union Council on the Proposed Alteration of Hall Fees of University-administered Residential Halls', a list of minutes of meeting held on 19th and 23rd April 1971 relating to 'Passages for Families of Members of Staff going on Study Leave' from the Committee on Higher Degrees and Research Grants; on 24th June with documents relating to the appointment of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) London as emergency trustees for both the Sterling and Dollar Superannuation Funds; a grant of £100,442 was made by the Overseas Development Administration of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the University towards the construction of Phase I of the Knowles Building, acceptance of a donation of $20,000 from Abdolally Ebrahim for the establishment of a scholarship or bursary, an approval on a recommendation from the Committee on Teaching Assistance that the hourly rate of pay for persons performing approved certified extra hours of teaching assistance be $15 per hour, allocations on teaching assistance from the representations from the Board of the Faculty of Medicine and the Head of the Department of Geography and Geology, a resolution on recommendation to the Court that the title of the Faculty of Social Sciences constituted in 1966 be altered to 'The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law', papers and correspondence re implications of the recommendation of housing allowance and University salaries, a report rom the Development and General Purposes Committee on the rise in English language school fees; on 30th September with documents including the approvals on recommendations of the Senate on the subject political science be formally added to the list of subjects for which External Examiners were required to be appointed for first degree examinations, regulations governing study leave be amended to enable the Committee to approve the allocation of funds from the study leave budgets, the regulations governing clinical training leave be amended, receipt of audited balance sheet from the Finance Committee for the year ended June 30 1971, confirmation on accepting the sum of almost $665,000 to establish a K.P. Stephen Chang Memorial Fund, a grant of £50,000 had been made from British Development Aid Funds for the construction of Phase II of Robert Black College to be completed in 1973, information correspondence with the University Grants Committee about the University's requirements for staff quarters, amendments to the Ordinance and Statutes, revision of fees payable for medical facilities and specialists medical attention under Staff Medical Benefits Scheme, the graduation hood for the new degree of Master of Philosophy be 'Deep Blue with Maroon silk lining throughout, the lining being turned over to the depth of 3/8 inch', papers on criteria review of the salaries structure, approval on the recommendation of the Board of Selection, recommendations from the Standing Committee of Convocation re amendment of Statute XXVIII, a recommendation form the Standing Committee of Convocation re official approval of design for HKU graduation rings available solely to graduates of the University and the designation of the firm 'House of Awards' in Hong Kong as the sole distributor to of such rings to be made by Messers John Roberts Inc. USA, a 'Cost of Acquiring Research Techniques and of Travel for Research Purposes', appendix 'Allocation of University Assets to University Superannuation (Dollar) Fund at March 1st 1971', Powers and Duties of 'Committee on Teaching Assistance', arrangements on 'K.P. Stephen Chang Memorial Fund', a list of 'New Positions for 1972-73', documents relating to 'Amendments to the Ordinance and Statutes - the Office of Secretary to the Council and other matters', appendix 'Staff Medical Scheme', 'Criteria Review of the Salaries Structure', 'Multiple Increments', 'Proposals to amend Statute XXVIII (Convocation), a 'Report to the University Councils on hiring of computer equipment' by Joint Universities Computer Centre Ltd.'


  • 1971-02-25 - 1971-09-30


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